Monday, July 4, 2011

iPhone Common Problems + Solutions [Part 1]

iPhone and iPhone and iPhone .. what a great technology in a little device !! 
I'm one of the greatest iPhone lovers , you can't imagine how it helps me (I consider it as my friendly machine)

iPhone suffers from some problems which are common to most of us , so i decided to search for reasons and solutions to finally make the best using of my iPhone and overcome his problems. I will share my final experience in that on my blog with the same title on a different parts.

So Let's move to show these problems and how can we overcome them, 

Problem One ( Low Battery Life ) 

One of the most common bugbears of the iPhone is that it’s battery runs out so quickly; browse Facebook, listen to a few tunes and send an email or two, playing games and suddenly you are in the red !! 

So, what we have to do to prevent this happens ?!!

The best way to preserve your battery life is to switch off all of the apps and notifications that you don’t need, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and push notifications on useless apps until you need them.

Next tips help you to protect your battery life , 

[iPhone Screen Brightness] 

How to save your iPhone’s battery life, simply because having a really bright screen is so unnecessary in comparison with what you actually get out of it. You should keep your screen brightness between 25% – 35% which is an acceptable brightness for anyone under the age of 75 and will save you a hell of a lot of battery life. Simply go to ‘Settings’, ‘Brightness’ and move the dial down to the appropriate fixture; also, avoid using ‘Auto-Brightness’ as this will also drain your battery.

[When to Charge The iPhone]

Now this piece of advice is less of a nifty keyboard trick and more of a good dose of common sense, however, you would be surprised at how many people do not think to do this. Every time that you go to sleep, plug your iPhone in by your bed, (so that you can still hear your alarm!) and you will wake up to a fully charged battery. Concurrently, if you travel by car, then an iPod/iPhone dock is an essential purchase for you , you can find it here, not only so that you can listen to your tunes and take hands-free calls, but in order for you to be able to leave your car with a fresh battery. If you are a tub, bus or train commuter/traveler, then invest in an external battery pack to give you that extra boost.

[Full Charge Cycle]

Your iPhone seems capable of looking after your every need, so why not the return the favor and look after its needs every now and again?! All you have to do is pick a day each month and completely drain the battery until it runs out completely, then charge it back up to 100%. This will replenish the battery to full working order and ensure that it is firing on all cylinders for the next month. On this note, while it is very important to protect your iPhone with a case, you should not charge your iPhone when it is in its protective shell or case, seeing as the heat generated by the charger may damage its battery cells and circuits.

[Fetch Your Data Manually]

unless you are an important businessman that needs to check his emails every other minute and keep on top of all of the latest downloads and Apple Software notifications, you do not need to be fetching new data every 15 minutes. Either reduce the automatic data fetch to a more realistic time of hourly, or, better still, set the dial to manual data fetch which will leave you in control of searching for fresh data whenever you access the internet and will save your battery from meltdown. To do this, select ‘Settings’, ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’, ‘Fetch New Data’ and click ‘Manually’.

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