Monday, July 11, 2011

Using Anstagram Without the iphone


Anstagram is a great android application all of us love it. But we need to use it without the iphone , Unfortunately this option is not available at the current days but who knows may be they will make a release after accepting lot of mails asking about this issue.

I found a solution that may fix this problem, but it is not professional , the solution in the following lines :

Instaroid is a basic Android app that allows you to view the popular page from Instagram. My favorite use of Instaroid is the “Near” function that allows you to use the Android GPS to view instagram photos taken near your current location. This application is still very basic – as in, I can’t find functionality to follow users, but it is a good start.

Instagram API

There are currently two ways to access the Instagram API – the approved method requires login to use instagram resources, while the hacked method allows anyone to view instagram images. I’m not sure how correct that understanding is!

These API instructions were developed in December 2010. They are not sanctioned by instagram, and there are several references to sites being taken down for using this API. It may have the benefit of allowing login-free viewing.
On February 25, 2011, Instagram released their official Instagram API. This will certainly lead to a lot of new web development and likely a fully featured Android App.

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