Tuesday, July 5, 2011

iPhone Common Problems + Solutions [Part 2]

Problem Two ( Protecting your iPhone ) 

Did you ask yourself what will happen if you dropped your iPhone ?! .. Simply you will see your iPhone get broken and you will be for sure so sad .

So, I advise you to have a case for your iPhone if you are working or moving in a crowded areas where you may hit someone and drop your iPhone and these cases are very stylish i have bought one for my iPhone and really it looks great too, cases found in most common colors so i put the links if you want to have a look on these great cases ( OtterBox Commuter Series Hybrid Case , Boost Case and OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone). 

Problem Three ( iPhone Operates very slowly ) 

The first time that I used my iPhone I was amazed at how quickly it worked, sliding from screen to screen at my lightest touch. However, as I loaded more apps and music on to it, the response time for loading and calling became much slower, which is really annoying!

If you free up space on your iPhone, you will find that it operates much quicker. Upload all of your photos, music and rarely used apps on to your computer and allow your iPhone some room to breathe.
Also, I advise you to have a look on " Tips on How to Free Space on your iPhone " . Great Article ;) 

Problem Four ( No Flash Support On An iPhone ) 

you can watch this video to solve this problem ,

Problem Five ( Death Grip/Signal Issues )

It was an ironic and not exactly good PR move when Apple launched the iPhone 4 to much fanfare last year, only for users not to be able to use it to make calls and such like thanks to signal dropping out. The name death grip was soon coined to describe what others now affectionately refer back to as antenna gate.

The initial word from Steve Jobs et all was that users should hold their iPhones in a certain way. Those holding their phone upside down or against their nose rather than their mouths have probably got bigger issues to deal with rather than just a non-working device. For the majority of users, holding their phone as you normally do, the death grip issues were more than a little frustrating. 

Problems  Six ( Size Missmatch Error )

Here is an annoying problem that face us when we make an update Barrel so what to do when you see this error ?? 

Just be cool there is no error without solution so do the following steps in this video and you will overcome this error ,

anther solution if the above solution doesn't work, Follow these steps : 
1- You should have the mobile terminal ( look for it by cydia ) 
2- Open the mobile terminal and write the following commands 
           a. su root   PRESS return
           b. Default password to enter the root is (alphine)
           c. apt-get update PRESS return
3- Leave the terminal loads the updates and the problem is now solved.

Problem Seven ( Black or Blank Screen )

The display screen wouldn’t activate and stayed blank even when you pressed the sleep/wake button on the front of the phone. With a blank / black screen your iphone is completely useless. You can still hear text messages, music and calls coming in, but there’s no way you can do anything.

so, if you face this problem , you need to Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. The screen will clear out and then the Apple Logo will appear on the black background. When the logo appears it means that the reset is done.
and just say goodbye to this annoying problem 

How to reset your iPhone 
  1. Hold down the home button (on the front of the phone) and the hold/lock button (on the top right corner of the phone) at the same time.
  2. Don't let them go or else you'll take a screenshot.
  3. If the slider to turn the phone off appears, continue holding both buttons.
  4. After 10 seconds or so, the phone's screen should go dark.
  5. When it does, release the buttons. The phone is now off.
  6. To turn it back on, press the hold button at the top right of the iPhone until the Apple logo appears onscreen and the phone begins to boot up. You can then let go of the button.

Previous Problems was the most common problems found with the iPhone so i provide a solutions for them , for any other problems you may have please DON'T hesitate to share your problems with me and for sure I will help you .

Finally, hope that these problems doesn't annoying you , and i wish that the solutions help you to enjoy your iPhone device ..

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  1. i done an update on my iphone 4 and now itkeeps shutting down and the apple symbol will pop up for about a minute then it restarts